What is pizza?

Many of us and many of you have strong opinions on food and especially pizza. What is a pizza is contentious. Given some of your dodgy opinions on food, for example, a burger is a sandwich, I decided you might like to have a cordial chat about what you think a pizza is.

  • Neapolitan pizza
  • Sicilian pizza
  • A savoury dish of Italian origin, consisting of a usually round base of leavened wheat-based dough topped with tomatoes, cheese, and any of various other ingredients—anchovies, olives, meat, etc.—and baked in an oven, traditionally wood-fired, at a high temperature
  • Pizzettes, such as calzone and stromboli
  • Chicago pizza
  • California pizza
  • Greek pizza
  • New Haven pizza
  • Detroit pizza
  • St. Louis pizza
  • New York pizza
  • Exotic flatbreads with toppings – e.g. pied, manousheh
  • Pizza bagel (lol option)
  • Other

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Please feel free to talk about how far a foodstuff may stray from an original before it becomes its own new thing. Maybe something about the importance of authenticity too. Like, should white Caucasian people open fried chicken restaurants etc.

what are:

California pizza
greek pizza
new haven pizza
Detroit pizza
st Louis pizza


Thank you

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Pizzas are a sandwich.


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Whatever you say a pizza is, it is not.

Alright, Arctic Monkeys.


You forgot dessert pizza



Did you try it? It looks positively disgusting

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God no

I had a proper pizza once tho that had sweet toppings - cinnamon and banana I think - and it was (surprisingly) really nice.

baby don’t hurt me


I saw one of those Rick Stein weekend programmes yesterday. He went to Bologna, and they told him that spaghetti bolognaise isn’t a thing. Then they made him a spaghetti bolognaise that wasn’t a spaghetti bolognaise and called it a spaghetti bolognaise. It was very confusing.

I would like to go on a pizza tour with @Matt_was_taken


You crazy dreamer.

You forgot pide.

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and pizzaghetti

would eat

it’s all pizza, nothing matters

chill out papa john


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how dare you!