What is the absolute best fast, hot, cheap, zero effort lunch

  • beans on toast
  • can of soup
  • cheese on toast
  • instant noodles
  • other

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some kind of spicy soup and some fresh bread

easily the least effort of the options




  • Not that bothered with them actually

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nice hot nutella for lunch :roll_eyes:


Microwaved jacket potato and cheese and beans


cold can of soup (cold)


Although Beans on toast is more of a breakfast, is it not?


all dayer.


Nice hot cold can of soup (cold) for lunch


instant noodles is obviously the asian brands you get in tezzers rather than super noodles (disgusting)


only works with tomato soup tbf. have tried cream of chicken and minestrone cold and they’re disgusting.


beans on toast is definitely acceptable for lunch


Everyone’s answer is void unless they’ve actually tried that steamed beef bun thing, btw.


some of us don’t like destroying the planet by supporting the beef steamed bun industry, m9


rustlers for the middle class.


miniature american flags for others


Correct. What’s the problem?