What is the absolute best fast, hot, cheap, zero effort lunch


Jazzed cheese on toast

Worcestershire sauce

(some ideas for you there, pals)

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I have and would not eat a rustlers

Eating takes effort

mc shit poll

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that looks like too much effort for this thread (peany B under the cheese in a cheese on toast is surprisingly good)

All day breakfast in a can is good

You’re right. The whole premise of this thread is invalid.

Pedantry takes effort

  • I have eaten a rustlers burger
  • I would not eat a rustlers burger
  • I would like to eat a rustlers burger
  • I have eaten an epimer bun
  • I would not eat an epimer bun
  • I would like to eat an epimer bun

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Bachelor’s pasta ‘n’ sauce but a bit of a faff as it involves milk, they should make a non milk required version like hot chocolate

Caribbean patty
Port Royal co

too much effort to count. Also not nice

real answer is microwaved ginsters sausage roll. heated to the point where the pastry comes off the meat like slime.

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Boiled eggs and the soldier?

anything that costs more than £1 should not be suggested ITT

definitely beany tee

can jazz it up loads or have it pretty standard

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Oh. :frowning:


the cheese and broccoli one, I’d consider for my last meal should I find myself on death row

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Cheese and apple sandwich