What is the bane of your life?

And for bonus points: when was the last time (before this thread) that you described something (in your head, or verbally, or in writing) as the bane of your life?

For me, it’s the little mesh balls we use to put our leaf tea into. They don’t shut properly, they’re a pain to fill, and when I empty them into the food waste, I’m forever dropping leaves onto the floor by accident. They’re the bane of my life!


Cleaning sieves


Bro, this thread is tight!



The bane of my life is the flooring of my flat and unfortunately I’m not in a position to be able to be light-hearted about it.

Could you give more details if not traumatic ?

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My throat.

My Bluetooth speaker/my laptops Bluetooth connection

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it’s either the Oral B advert or the Star Wars Cantina music

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Had to refloor the entire place before we moved in after we got the keys and discovered carpet mites, this process took place on a very stressful weekend which saw my brother-in-law have £3000 worth of tools stolen from his van, the reflooring almost immediately started to cock up with boards coming up etc, this led to a year of avoidance and stress on my part before we had to have them all up again at the start of the year and have the sub-floor levelled, we have done that and the floors are still fucking up in a similar (if not worse) way than before.

It’s very boring but it truly is the bane of my life and has been the central problem in what has been an extremely stressful and bad 18 months.

Ooft yes, I can see why dodgy Bluetooth connectivity would be the bane of your life. Especially if it works intermittently

Somehow across two diff speakers (that both work perfectly with my phone and my flatmates laptop) I get sound going boxy, feedback and whistling, sound going out of sync, sound cutting in and out every 30 seconds … a new one for every day :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That sounds awful. I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope you get it sorted. One day it’ll be sorted and it’ll be a nice flat floor.


Thanks x

The always full washing basket

The always needing to be emptied dishwasher

The people who put their dirty dishes on the worksurface above the dishwasher


In our house it’s:

  • the hand towels on the bathroom floor
  • the bath towels on the bathroom floor
  • the kids’ toothpaste fucking everywhere

Have you considered switching to tea bags?



But to answer your question, the combination of a black rug in the living room and a white haired cat.

I switched away from them in a futile attempt to reduce plastic. Also they do make a nice cup of tea. It’s just such a faff. The bane, I tell you.