What is the best crime/detective series


Seems like there’s loads out there. i’m looking for one where it keeps you guessing until the big reveal (sorta like True Detective which was great with all the red herrings until it turned out to be so underwhelming)

recommendations please



TV or books?


Does The Wire count?


but if you’re a big fan of crime series where every episode has them chasing a different red herring each episode until they finally get to the point in the last two episodes, i would recommend the killing or basically any other scandinavian crime drama



^This, I personally prefer The Bridge though innit.




Gritty Cop


Murder One


Going to assume TV

The Shadow Line
Murder One (the first series)
Broadchurch (first series)
Happy Valley
The Bridge
The Shield
Edge of Darkness
State Of Play
The Killing


Oh, and Boomtown and Veronica Mars


If Happy Valley counts, then that, that’s the best programme ever.
Line of Duty’s pretty good as well


happy valley that good?
i was flicking though netflix last night and came across this but decided against it and opted for hannibal.



Haven’t really seen it discussed here, so can imagine a scenario where the hivemind shouts me down, BUT I am a big fan of Elementary, the US Sherlock Holmes.


Although this doesn’t keep you guessing - more of a crime each episode. Dead good though.

Does Damages count? Comes at it from a legal perspective rather than detectives, but still dead good (for the first two seasons at least)


I think I’m slightly biased, as I’m from round where it’s filmed, which means I recognise all the locations and get all the in-jokes. But even taking that into account, I’m pretty sure it really is that good.


happy valley is like if there was a kidnap storyline in hollyoaks for a couple of weeks