What is the best EP you've ever heard?

Gotta go with Cave In - Tides of Tomorrow. Possibly the best thing they (have) put to record… ok it’s actually Jupiter but what an EP nonetheless!


More often than not I overlook EPs, especially if released some time ago. Would love to know which ones really deserve some attention

D.R.I. - Dirty Rotten E.P. 22 songs on 7" vinyl. Kind of game changing in its day. Inspirational stuff.

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Whoa! Never even heard of them. Beyond chuffed this is the first response, totally unexpected

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Any of the 1st 3 Beta Band E.P’s which were brought to my attention by school kid who did work experience when I worked in a record shop. He’d travel to London and sleep in parks just to see bands. The Beta Band sent him leaf pressings and hand drawn pictures of squirrels. He was like a little brother in the way he was just so into music, it was all he cared about. I looked him up (or attempted to) but found out he’d died of cancer a while back at the age of 29. His parents came to see me and we had a pint and a chat and they gave me a bag of his records. In one there was a note I’d put in saying “save this for” - I won’t mention his name, made me properly cry. Yeah, the Beta Band.


Holy shit this is bloody great. Thanks!

That’s really lovely. Got a bit emotional just reading it


Splint EP is an obvious one if that’s your sort of thing.

I’d say Godspeed’s New Zero Kaneda is maybe their best?

Mogwai’s Ten Rapid is worth a listen.

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You mentioned this to me not long ago but I totally forgot about it. Will need to remember to give it a go. Spiderland is one of the GOAT even though I only found it this year



Baby teeth by Therapy?
Changed my taste in music completely. Thought me you didn’t have to be Metal to rock.

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Oof good shout

Ecstasy of St Theresa - Square Wave

Dunno. Can do a top 10 though:


No in a beautiful place in the country. Unfortunate.


Not an EP, but Radiohead’s Street Spirit CD single.

The b-sides are so good and there are 4 of them, all studio recordings.

Some great stuff in there.

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Broken was the first one I thought of after Cave In. Pfft Fugazi should actually be mine but as someone who was 3 or 4 when it came out I know it as 13 Songs

Oh shit and Signals, Calls… again I got into them so much later on that I consider it as good as an album

MBV’s Glider probably.