What is the best EP you've ever heard?

This might be the best thing I’ve ever read on DiS



BOC In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country


sugar - beaster


Pre-Internet correspondence done genuinely with bands was pretty magical when done correctly. I saw it straight away, his real love for music even if he did like some bands I kind of didn’t. (Manics / Iron Maiden, of which both have their merits). He saw distance and no money as no obstacle to see a band, get a gig ticket and take it from there. Inspirational kid and I still think of him as the perfect younger brother. His record collection was amazing, true souls collect great art. For payment for the weeks work experience my boss told him to choose anything from the shop - he spent 4 HOURS CHOOSING. Kudos and real respect.

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Reminds me of me with a lot more dedication

For EPs that don’t also double as a single for a song on a full length, I think I have to go with Pikul by Silversun Pickups (or the previously mentioned Jar of Flies by Alice in Chains). Don’t let the somewhat less-than-stellar critical reputation of the band turn you off. It’s amazing.

I wrote about it a bit in an earlier thread last month.

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I really like this band. SP comparisons did them in but they have some fantastic songs.


I like the subtleties in the guitar work. Sounds like what Smashing Pumpkins might’ve sounded like if they’d listened to a lot of Modest Mouse

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If the EP can double as a single, then the Zero EP by The Smashing Pumpkins. It’s overall very heavy but has some surprises that many casual fans wouldn’t expect from them (like the solo-filled upbeat instrumental “Tribute to Johnny”, or the incredible “Pastichio Medley” which is basically a 23 minute assembly of riffs from unreleased or abandoned Mellon Collie era songs.
You’ll either love / be fascinated by, or be infuriated by that one).

And the ending of “Marquis in Spades” is so, so, so great.

That’s a really interesting comparison and one I never thought of, despite the Pumpkins and Modest Mouse being my two favorite bands. You can definitely hear that in “Booksmart Devil”.

Nice thread. Brought back some properly good / warm memories. Off to bed here. Made me feel good about music and DIS so good stuff all round. Laters.


I love how detailed your posts are… wish I could be as concise and informative with my posts

This thought might be heavily based on the fact that I know they are two of your favourites… but actually I think there’s something there with the comparison/grouping

*EDIT I’ve not listened to a lot of SP, never had the inclination. Not a fan of Billy’s voice… which was my only basis for the comparison really

Thanks! That’s a legitimate relief, I always feel like I’m clogging things up and repeating myself.

Good effort in the Best Of thread especially. Made an extended playlist from what you and @jazzballet posted for Built to Spill, some nice shizzle in there


Weirdly, as I was just listening to Tides of Tomorrow, One of Us Is the Killer just came on. Well tomorrow is now going to be Dillinger day

Also, now that you’ve mentioned Modest Mouse, they have three amazing ones. I can’t figure out which is my favorite, it just changes based on mood really.

The Fruit that Ate Itself

Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks

No One’s First and You’re Next


To me there’s no hesitation:

Spiral Scratch would have to be up there, especially Boredom. But all of it really - 10 minutes, 4 songs, now that is beautifully concise …

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