What is the best type of gate?

The dog seems to be scared of kissing gates for some reason.

XOR gate


Doggy gate

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I would never.

I agree with this post. Barbaric.

I think the thing to remember is that “cow” is such a kindly animal that it wants us to think we’re in control so they just relax and don’t bother about stuff like gates or cattle guards.

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As the apparent authority on such matters, I much protest. For a stile to be a gate, it would have to open. Both allow access for able bodied humans and mountain goats to get from one field to another, but I’m afraid stiles are very much not gates, for they do not open. Nor are they gaps, the other DEFRA approved method of linking foothpaths through fences of hedges, which are not gates, for they do not close.


I have a mantra, Avery, that I’ve always, always lived by. It is ‘gates don’t have to have hinges’. For you to try and take that from me is tantamount to robbery.



Correct opinion


This probably explains why you always look so kindly (and great!)

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But I ask you, “Must a gate have hinges to open?”, and I reply to you, once more, just ask I asked you, but this time with the answer, “No, a gate doesn’t need to have hinges to open”.

Sorry if the truth is too ‘outrageous’ for you.

Not Gareth.

Stile is just a permanently open gate.

a gate allows access to all, without climbing. edit, however, a gate can also be closed, by structure or military personnel or whatever.

A gate doesn’t necessarily need to be able to open and close you savages

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Are cattle guards the same as cattle grids? Animals do get stuck in them. Got some awful stories from a mate who worked on a farm. Wont go into details here.

hot gates

Thank you! Finally someone with the guts to say something.