What is the deal with parents kitting out their kids in expensive, branded goods


kids are anything under the age of 10.

don’t get it myself. buy a toddler a pair of nike trainers and he/she will need a new set in a few weeks.

might as well buy them plimpsoles from primark for 2 quid. repeat til he/she has a paper round and can buy their own shit.

what’s my point? I don’t think I have one

this MIGHT be a thread


@seinfeld to thread.


agreed, Balonz is a giant tory


For the record


However I did get mugged off in Clarks the other day to the tune of £42.


You only bought Balonx junior one shoe? You monster.


I imagine the people making them are getting paid well, and working in very good conditions when they’re retailing for under a tenner



Imagine how many pairs of Vans I’d have if they cost a tenner every time.


this wans’t a dig at you, man.

my point stands though. saw some kid the other dayof about 3-4 wearing a full adidas tracksuit and timbs. fucking LUNACY

he also had a part shaved head and what I can only assume was gel in his hair



That is not what they retail at usually, it’s clearance stock.

So wait, are we supposed to buy expensive or cheap stuff?




Went to the park a while ago with my daughter. There was a fella there with his little lad, must’ve been about 2. He had him sat in a little radio controlled Audi, cruising round the park like fucking Don Corleone. He got out, had little play on the roundabout, got back in and his dad drove him off home again.


A penny increase in just three months. Brexit in action.


It went up by a penny between delivery and arrival?


They are two different pairs, ordered at the same time, arrived at the same time. Not sure why one claims to be arriving today.


If Mrs HYG has her way, hip_very_young_gunslinger will be decked out in nothing but Baby Gap.


Lace up shoes for an under five? You’ll regret that Balonz

My youngest has Nike shoes, from Sports Direct they are half or less price of Clark’s as he doe officially wants AstroTurf. Eldest doesn’t care so he has whatever…Clark’s normally


It’s not been too bad but they don’t like them at nursery.