What is the deal with the "m9" thing?

I’m just going to say I do not like it.

m9 is life m8.

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Pfft, m10 tw@s

Just super casual innit m51


I think it’s Stirling.


Who is gonna get angry with me about this?
Other people must hate the TV thing and hate this too

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i think somebody actually typed it by accident once, possibly @littlebirds and then it suck

Into streaming more is it

m9 come on don’t be like that


people used m8 as a shortcut for mate.
it then developed into people saying n8/m9 etc.

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What’s your favourite motorway m9?

not angry, just think less of the people who use it :unamused:

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Did you know there’s no M7?

Now you do. HTH.

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I have to say I do not like it very much.

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I like it

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I hate 99% of these things.

weird man GO AWAY is good. The rest is awful.

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Says the man who changed his username to suit a DiS meme…


what’s 99% of two things Geoff?

what does ATD mean? I get the gist from context but can’t work out the acronym and thus whether I should hate it or not

all the dicks