What is the deepest underwater you have been?

  • Never been in water
  • ~0 metres
  • 0-5 metres
  • 5-10 metres
  • 10-15 metres
  • 15-20 metres
  • 20-25 metres
  • 25-30 metres
  • 30-35 metres
  • 35-70 metres
  • 70-10,000 metres
  • 10,000 metres+

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I don’t like to be in water (except in baths)


touched the bottom (:face_with_hand_over_mouth:) of the deep end

I don’t like to be in water including in baths.

How come?

Don’t like the sensation of being wet. Or hot.

35 metres, is my limit as an advanced open water scuba diver iirc

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I don’t like being hot either

reasons for not liking being in the water:

  • does my nut how deep and empty the whole thing is
  • sharks
  • both

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Found scuba diving terrifying and thrilling at the same time. Kept thinking I’d forget how to breathe or do something daft and drown. But it looked amazing. Training was a video and a wee lesson on clearing my mask underwater which I couldn’t master and the instructor said fuck it, it won’t matter - that gave me the confidence in the safety of it that I needed.

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Don’t like the sensation of being wet.

do you just pop to the dry cleaners everytime you need a shower?

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No, I shower daily (sometimes more frequently) regardless, because what is life if not a series of
mildly unenjoyable experiences to be endured?

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if I allow myself an immoral dream of being a wealthy dickhead I often like to think about how it would be possible to make a whole house so it was a giant bath and like I could just float about and play videogames in the water and have a waterproof guitar. Fucking hell imagine how great it would be to write songs in the bath? Like you could just lie there for hours in beautiful hot water and strum away!

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Reckon 3meters clive

You should meet Ragnar Kjartansson

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Octopi mostly

Can you get cream that prevents wrinkly hands in the bath

I would pay €10

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Would you use it on your feet as well?