What is the deepest underwater you have been?


Ok, thanks for clarifying

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I fucking love the sensation of being wet.


what’s the highest number of baths you’ve had in one day?

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I would love to come visit your house of bath please.
I’d laminate some books to bring with me.

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I don’t read but you’re more than welcome to!

I did a PADI course and the ‘deep dive’ was 30m down, IIRC.

I feel like I’ve seen you mentioning not reading a few times. May I ask why? Did you never read a book you enjoyed at school?

The first time I went to uni in halls I imagined ringing the maintenance man and asking him with a straight face if he could install a plughole in my wall so I can fill my bedroom up with water. Didn’t stop laughing at my own joke for about 9 years.


yeah I really liked the book Ridley Walker that I read in A level English, I think that’s the last fiction book I read all the way through, which would have been 15 years ago. I did read some philosophy stuff at university so I guess I have read a tiny bit since then.

It’s just a patience/attention span thing I think, I’d rather listen to a history podcast or something instead of reading.

Hate it but for neither reason.