What is the difference between a Supermarket and a Market?

Is Tesco Metro a supermarket? What needs to be there to qualify something as a supermarket specifically.

You know what, don’t answer. Some things are left better as mysteries.

Also, if there exists the concept of a Supermarket, then there must exist the concept of a Submarket.

Again, please no answers, this is enough.

If there exists a submarket then there must be a dommarket


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If there’s a dommarket, there must be a dickmarket



Wide selection of every day items for sale




There is. In Cologne.


Any other questions that don’t need answering?


This is too vague.

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Are you enjoying the good weather?

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You’re so vague you probably think this thread is about you


I tend to think of the English Sunday trading laws as the delineation (280m2 or less).

Most Tesco Metros Expresses aren’t affected, so they’re convenience stores rather than supermarkets.

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Best markets

  • Supermarket
  • Batmarket
  • Spidermarket
  • Antmarket

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radioactive spider

“I’m just popping to the supermarket, do you want anything?”
“To where? There’s no supermarket anywhere near here”
“Tesco Metro”
“Hactually, that’s a convenience store, not a supermarket”
“Never mind” (leaves)

at it

“Actually I’d like some loose leaf tea”
“I’m afraid they don’t sell that”
“OK then at least get some non-diet tonic water”
“Nope. 'fraid not”
“That’s nonsense. I have it on good authority that they sell ‘a wide selection of everyday items’”
“I think your good authority was winging it.”


It’s just a helpful delineation to make sense of the world, thanks.

I like it, and it answers the question. I was just having a bit of fun :heart:

Tbf I tend to just say “Big Tesco” anyway

(The one time I just said Tesco my partner agreed to come with and was too polite to turn back when she realised I meant the further away big one rather than the local metro lololol)

Just found out that Tesco Metro doesn’t exist any more but the Tesco Express née Metro nearest me is only open 6 hours on a Sunday. I thought that was the Metro/Express distinction.

Tbf there’s a metro Express in Newcastle city centre that’s only open the six hours on Sunday but it’s also about twice the size of a regular Express. But also half the size of a superstore.

I’d definitely call it a supermarket though, even with the Express branding. Reckon it just harks from an era when mid-sized supermarkets were more common.

(I just looked at Wikipedia and you’re right, the Metros were bigger stores than Expresses. I can’t believe I mixed up my Tescos and was behind on my corporate branding knowledge)

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