What is the fewest number of words you have read in a day during your adult life?

I guess we need to be speculating here rather than giving an exact amount.

I reckon it will be abroad when I have probably read a few labels on things and maybe a menu and perhaps a few t-shirt slogans and logos.



That is not many


Have a great day



Have a great day

One of the things I like to think about is how it’s impossible to look at letters that are next to each other and not read them

Words and letters are good shit, man.

Yeah, very useful IMO.


Are you sure? Unless you have been in a coma and then I apologise. Or can’t read.


yeah definitely zero here too.

Have you people never been camping?

I didn’t put the tent up or cook the food though.

I couldn’t be 100% certain but it’s definitely possible I went at least one whole day without seeing any words

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probably a bad cold

I had proper flu and the sepsis and was definitely consuming quite a few words with my fevered eyes.

Fucking hell at last someone big enough to accept when they are wrong on this site. Well done, stus.