What is the least offensive car which has a 0-60mph quicker than 8.0 secs?

That can be bought cheaply but reliably…?

Alright CleremyJarkson

I had a Pug 208 which did it in about 7.5, whilst looking like the sort of car your gran might pootle about in. Even the GTi is pretty bland looking for something with 208bhp.

It did break down quite a lot though.

I have a 208 now, but just the 1.0l version, which is the opposite of quick. Tempted by the GTi or maybe the Fiesta EcoBoost one.

Also, I don’t remember starting this thread - must’ve been drunker than I thought…



seat leon
skoda fabia
ford fiesta

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How cheaply is cheaply?

2015 or later for £10k or less.