What is the least shocking thing you have seen in the street?

Lonzo’s thread has the potential to destroy the very fabric of civilisation.

Let’s redress the balance.


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Two pigeons

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the street


I’m just watching


Mike skinner’s solo project?

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wonder what happened to him

(but not enough to find out)

He was on 6Music last week, shooting the shit with Hobbsy.

A sign telling me that parking is forbidden between 10am and 6pm, 1 May to 30 September, accompanied by a single yellow line on the road. Sensible decision, Norfolk County Council.

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He’s touring as the streets again, presumably because his record label and other work didn’t make enough to support whatever habits he’s got. Still love that first album and bits of the second, mind

6 music is the radio 2 for our generation isn’t it

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A bloke called Terry doing a piss with his pants round his ankles. Typical Terry it was, not shocking at all.

I think that is what people like to say to feel superior about it, yes.


nah it’s fine, everyone gets into a radio 2/radio 6 part of their life I’d imagine. Just a natural part of ageing

I wonder if you’re more likely to hear Steely Dan on Radio 2 or Radio 6

At the end of my road last year I stopped to let an old man cross. When he reached the pavement he hoiked up his trouser leg, let the valve go on his colostomy bag and dribbled about a litre of thick yellow piss down his shoe and onto the road. I was in hysterics for about an hour

Hey, I started listening to 6 music when I was like 19. Probably says more about me tbh

look if you thought I was stating this to argue that young people are cooler than older people you’re absolutely wrong!

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