What Is The Maximum Distance That Something Can Still Be Considered Local?

Bank: 8km / Your nearest branch

That’s not local!

(we’ll have no trouble here etc)

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1.9 miles.


Five minutes away by walking.

Anything else is far away. Long distance, if you will.

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15 minutes walking

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Local councils cover a pretty big area sometimes, so there’s that to consider.

There’s loads of this stuff in urban design.

The only I can remember off the top of my head is 400m for a bus stop.



Yeah, proximity design and all that.

I can remember that 1m active travel uphill is equivalent to 10m on the flat.

sorry to be really boring but it totally depends on what you’re talking about and the context :frowning:

local supermarket: probably less than a mile, most places have them in closer proximity than that

local MP: constituency and all that

local celeb: 10 miles

Local bank is 5 miles

I live in a suburb with few shops and cafes but next to a suburb with shitloads of them so I consider the neighbouring suburb as local. Its about a 25 minute walk I reckon.

Although if someone referenced the “cornershop” I wouldn’t expect it to be anymore than a 5 minute walk.

So the answer is, if it’s got corner in the title it has to be super local, otherwise anything less than 25 minutes walk.