What is the meanest thing you've ever said

Lighthearted, but heavy contributions welcome if you wish to unload

I told my brother once that his beard doesnt even connect so why does he bother with it and he laughed it off but I think we was very hurt as there was a lil uncertain pause first :slightly_frowning_face:

Also I changed middle schools at the start of year 7 (it went year 4 to 7) which was very tricky to navigate. Kids are high school age but big fish in a little pond so they’re mostly a bunch of little shits. There was one kid, the “smelly kid” who was an early developer with body hair, odour and acne and to the dumb masses this was apparently offensive and they made loads of fun of her. I was briefed early on about this and joined in the exaggerated gagging whenever she walked past so they didnt pick on me instead :disappointed_relieved: regret that a lot and was kind to her in high school but still feel shit about it when I remember


As a kid I remember telling my mum I didn’t love her anymore and I knew at the time that was a very cruel thing to say, can’t imagine how horrible that must be to hear as a parent.

I asked some guy wearing skinny jeans if he’d had to be poured into them. Was meant to be a light hearted, let’s laugh at ourselves, sort of comment but he did not take it that way and offered me outside. Felt terrible about it.

Just one of those comments I shouldn’t have made without knowing the guy better.

horrible to remember all these things and little heckles and bits of bullying you have joined in on at school etc, I really hope nobody remembers something horrible I’ve said to them

when i was like 5 remember praying to god that he’d kill my friend cos I was sick of her


Probably something I’ve said to Ant but he also probably had it coming


After university I was with some mates and then another guy from school turned up, he wasn’t very ‘cool’. He asked me what I had been up to and I answered. Then he launched into what he had done. When he finished, being the big man, I said ‘I didn’t ask’. Everyone laughed and he was humiliated.

I’m sure I’ve said much meaner but this one still haunts my sleepless nights.

I remember I made a kid in my year cry cos I asked him what 1 * 1 * 1 equaled and he said 3

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There was lots of gross mass bullying though, some of which I was subject to. The one that makes me feel saddest is this girl called Emily - someone came up with the idea that if she touched you that meant you had Emily Disease, and you could pass it on to other people unless they ‘vaccinated’ themselves. Pure cruelty, no idea what kind of twisted psyche you must have to invent that at like 8 years old.

The whole year knew about it and participated in it

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I enjoyed Eric’s company really xoxo

My PE teacher shouted ‘come on fatty’ at me while doing a 12 minute run

This was in 2005.

Pretty wild.

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Told my dad he was a bad father once when I was fairly little, over something really petty like not taking me somewhere, I don’t really remember.

He got me back by properly abandoning the family a few years later, though, so fair play, he’s absolutely done me there.


Oh, when I was 5 I wrote “daddy is a plonker” in permanent marker on a piece of wood furniture, but everyone thought I’d written “daddy is a wanker” and I got in loads of trouble. Only realised like 15 years later what had happened, was just trying to do a light hearted jab at him like on only fools and horses

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once i cut holes in the knees of my sister’s trousers and then she cut up my socks

Really you had the last laugh by calling it correctly

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it’s hilarious when little kids unknowingly swear. when ours was about 3 he pushed his Thomas the Tank Engine into a tunnel and said “Fuck off thomas!”

I was pissing myself.


This is a silly thread and I think it smells

Can’t say my real answer because it’s too upsetting :frowning: gonna try and think of some accidental insults I’ve given but omg there are so many lol

I called my mum a trout when I was younger, I thought it was a swear word