What is the minimum number of years something has to exist

Before they can start using the “Since…” tag line?
For me, I want at least 100 on the clock.
Any gratuitous examples of premature “since” claims?
Great thread.

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yeah i’d agree. i’d accept just shy of 100 though. like ‘since 1925’ still feels solidly old timey

Thought this was a self answering thread

It’s 30 years offline for me, 7 years online

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This is a bad one
“World’s largest milkshake bar company”
Something odd going on there, like other places don’t call themselves a bar.


25 years feels like a good long time to perfect a product, imo

At least three years older than me.

0 days since an on-site injury.

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The company that installs bars and counters in milkshake shops

Estate agents are really bad for this btw. They’ll happily bang on about how they were established last year.


“Est. 2014”

Sign went up in 2020.

  • Fine
  • Hold your horses

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That sign is going to look really cool and authentic in 2064

1979 or earlier

i loved going to svalbard in the arctic for this (and to a lesser extent, trømso) - because they were only inhabited relatively recently there are signs up everywhere like ‘the newest pub in svalbard, established 1956’