What is the most boring nut? (Poll thread)

  • Peanut
  • Other

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brazil nut is pretty boring really


this. SO dull.


Not fussed by nuts. I think if they disappeared off the face of the earth tomorrow I’d briefly mourn the loss of the almond then move on with my life.


It’s got to be other. It might not be an edible nut, but peanuts are interesting enough to be in the shops. And they’re versatile too - monkey nuts (are you allowed to call them that any more?), salted, dry roasted…

And people who go into anaphalactic (sp?) shock when they eat peanuts would definitely argue against the peanuts being boring albeit for the wrong reasons.


I think “peanut” is the most boring nut


yeah, i saw how you voted in the poll


Walnut > hazelnut > cashew > peanut > almond > pine nut > nutella


Pretty much the only nut I don’t like.


why ever not??


what about deez nutz?!

*offers a bowl of pistachios*



except in a snickers but ONLY snickers

Peanut M&M’s can do one


stupid thread, peanuts aren’t actually nuts


You may be interested to know that this thread only exists as a result of me discussing how boring “Snickers” is in another topic ( :wink: )



Hazel > Chest > Pistachio > Cashew > Almond > Pea > the rest


I’m not going to sit here and say that pistachios aren’t good, because they are, but if someone were to say to me that I’m never going to have another pistachio for the rest of my life? I’d be fine with it.

Unless they were using it as a really convoluted way to say they’re about to murder me, in which case I might gently protest.


I was concerned that there might be some long standing old racist connotations, marking me out as a big old racist for using the term.

I just googled though, and this doesn’t appear to be the case. Monkey nuts for all!


All nuts taste like pencil shavings.

(They are acceptable when covered in chocolate / salt / honey roasted or similar).


Chocolate coated pencil shavings?