What is the most common vowel in your full name?

  • a
  • e
  • i
  • o
  • u

0 voters


A but only if I use my middle name as a tiebreaker


Need more than one vote


Are we including “Doctor”?


That’s your title unfortunately, please just go by your full name


Mine is ‘a’ and it’s in the same place in my fore, middle and surname.


Two A’s
Two U’s
One E
One O



Got a banging Excel formula should anyone need it to work this out


here’s my full name in alphabetical order



Had to add my middle name to break the tie between e and o.

Although without context I thought this was literally ‘What is the most common vowel in your full name?’ as in: e, a, o, i, u (ranking of frequency in language)

v v niche


3 a’s, 2 e’s, 2 i’s, 2 o’s, no u’s. might add a new middle name to complete the set.


It’s draw between o, a and e (and y if we’re including y as a vowel which it sometimes is)


I think we’ve finally exhausted all possible conversation topics on DiS.


each of my names contains one ‘a’ and one ‘e’, so three each of those, plus an ‘i’


1 x A
2 X I
4 X E



they all appear in mine
it’s great


2xA 1xE 1xI 1xO 1xU

A clear winner.


3xI, 1xA, 1xO


Lovely to meet you, Include A Hellish Wormy.