What is the most effort you've put into a post


I think I spent an hour changing the lyrics to ‘Livin’ it Up’ by Limp Bizkit so they fitted with an edition of AQOS, but this one feels more effortful and for less reward

Duck used to be there


Every single one of my posts are very difficult to make


have you ever drawn a cartoon bus seat with your finger

and then drawn dust over it


Each one of mine costs me two hours of my life but by fuck are they worth it (this one was just 90 minutes).


I have never done that no.


you made this well in advance. I wish I was that prepared.


Probably an abandoned one


why would you compromise yourself like this



Oh no. it is taken off the end (devil pact I’m afraid).


is that what youve done? ive got no idea whats happening here


Did you see my “You all everybody” thread in the music board? That took too much effort for any dust drawings


it is, yeah

it’s Sarah & Dust, her cute pal

this is Balonz’s fault entirely


Once did a load of bollocks about the Chinese football league that took forever for about four repkies.

Started the only 10,000 thread on here, mind you. And that was about cycling. The two wheeled twats.


I didn’t, but I can appreciate that it must have been futile, given that it didn’t get my clicks.


whos sarah


some chick, I don’t know? she seems very lonely, making friends with some dust.


Actually maybe this, because the first app I tried was rubbish.


The worthiness of a post cannot be measured by it’s views, it’s replies or by it’s amount of “likes”. The worthiness of a post exists only in the hearts and minds of those who consume it.


Probably thread smashing the dental plan thread (it was hard to find the reply button when the box was like 1mm thick)