What is the most famous painting you think you'd have a realistic chance of stealing?

As above please.

Probably one that my wife has done.


The funny Spanish refurbished fresca

not into this one sorry antoine

Or some Banksy shite

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Dire isn’t it. Don’t know what I was hoping from it frankly.


probably two tins of dulux

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Does it have to be intact? Reckon I could get a Banksy off one of the walls round here if I wore an official looking hi-vis.

Straight in at the top. Very impressive posting.

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Fallen Madonna with the big boobies.


venus de milo

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I’m going to go with Caravaggio’s ‘The Taking Of Christ’ because get to fuck if you think Irish museums have any decent security systems.

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oh that’s a statue
probably more difficult?

I occasionally visit a friend of my TV’s family who has a smallish Degas

I reckon I could purloin that

meant the one with the big woman on a clamshell

probably the one that pierce brosnan steels in the thomas crown affair, just do everything exactly as he does

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Kallgeese in - The Taking of The Taking of Christ

do it and livestream it to FaceBook

Also probably one that @rich-t’s wife has done


Whistler’s mother


Any of them. Go in with some white overalls on and a van that says ‘Paintings Restored While U Wait’ or something and pretend you’re taking it for a clean.

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