What is the most non-mainstream canned drink you can find in your house?

(booze allowed but I think crafty shit is cheating a bit and I want to win)

Tennents super

Just seen that it is produced in Luton. Well mainstream, Luton.


One of these

(Revolting, in case you were wondering)

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We can all write on a can, mate.

Nothing but D Coke in this home currently (24 cans)

Mainstream but I wish I had it. On the shop I just did I was too food focused.

at the absolute most it’ll be a can of 7up at the back of my fridge that I got with a takeaway. generally I don’t buy cans of anything, more of a bottle fan myself.

It’s going to be a long quarantine so I recommend keeping hold of one of those bottles until I get around to them.

Coca-Cola (Normal), or Fosters. What a dull house I live in!

My best attempt: (but like on pointless when you have to go for a slightly obvious one and have no other choice)

last I checked I only had one bottle (full sugar Coca Cola) left :grimacing:

(I’m on #TeamSquash and #TeamWater so tbh this isn’t really a big deal for me)

It was Guarana but I drank it

I don’t have any cans :frowning: