What is the most overrated foodstuff?


I like artichokes but I reckon they must quadruple the price of whatever you’re having them in, so they’re up there.

It’s obviously one of the meat products though but I guess I don’t know much about them so I’ll let you all narrow it down (though the drips who go on about bacon are conspicuous in their stupidity from the outset)



Always lobster.

  1. All meat basically…


Marzipan - people go crazy for it and it’s disgusting


I prefer a crab.




I quite like it but yeah it is a lot of fanfare for what’s essentially nut paste


Yeah, langoustine > lobster




If someone tried to pay me in saffron I wouldn’t be happy, true enough.


King prawns. Fuck off.




good call




I mean don’t get me wrong. Lobster is tasty. I like it. The thing it is is both stupidly expensive and an absolute pain in the arse to eat.

Even when they dig it all out for you a la at Burger and Lobster and smash it in a roll for you… I refer back to the expensiveness point. Just isn’t special enough for the price and the faff. Would happily never eat it again.


ooo yeah - had a seafood platter thing recently and the garlicky langoustine were way batter than the lobster


Fillet steak. It’s fine. Nowhere near the best steak though




Alright President Aggpass (no idea)