What is the most pretentious thing you've ever done?


This is my first thread in the new forums.

Nothing springs to mind. When I was younger and reading a particularly _difficult _or _important book that I didn’t really understand, I would carry it in my hand, rather than in a bag. Also, I think a lot of my smoking today is pretentious and for effect.


I don’t know why but it’s really making me chuckle ‘What is the most pretentious thing you’ve ever done? Nothing springs to mind’

I dunno, I’m not very pretentious really. I can’t think of owt


Nice work billy_jizz

Nothing to contribute so far, gonna have to see how the thread develops and see whether I’ve got anything relevant once the thread-direction has been established. But nice one on your very first thread :thumbsup:


My whole life to date.


I used to buy The Face magazine. In my third year, my student ID card had a picture of me sat in a photo booth reading The Face, trying to be Jarvis Cocker or something.


Just buy all the books you people recommend and line them up on my shelves to impress the lay-deez