What is the most shocking thing you have seen in the street?

(Let’s keep this lightish)

Mine was when I was about 14, in some northern German town, a really drunk guy (in the middle of the day) walking down the street with a massive brown sagging section in his trousers with some seepage dripping out.

some pretty weird stuff in Vietnam.

someone was selling frogs that had been skinned but were still alive.

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Similarly I saw a man squating down having a poo on the main road in the middle of the day, facing the traffic like he was proud of himself.

A bloke walking out a shop at about 11am with a proper sized Toblerone taking a bite directly out of it as if it was a standard chocolate bar rather than breaking off a triangle as is standard.


I saw a woman in Stoke Newington at three in the afternoon squat down, lift up her skirt, and let loose a huge torrent of piss.

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Saw a lady do this in Wood Green right after I’d left Bagel King with a bagel. Put me right off the bagel.

Was bad - she was clearly pretty troubled.

Maybe more shocking that would be seeing a dead body lying face down in the middle of Maple Street (just off Tottenham Court Road) by the BT Tower. The police were in the process of taping off the street as I got there. Obviously I changed my route.



if everyone has seen someone pissing/shitting in the street, is it that shocking?


Outside Tower Hill station a few years ago I saw a pigeon eating a dead pigeon. Fun times.

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It’s shocking when it happens to you.


The topless guy with the albino bunny who used to skateboard around Manchester with the bunny under this arm, shouting at people.

poor chap was clearly unwell, but it was quite a sight if you weren’t expecting to see it on your way into work.


A man and woman shagging at a bus stop a few years ago, were in no way deterred by my presence.

A bloke usually tries to pee without drawing attention to himself. A women lifting up her skirt to show her bare nether regions and then letting loose a tsunami of piss is a bit different.

My mate always sends me videos of people in London doing weird stuff. Last one was of a completely naked man doused in paint throwing himself at parked cars head first. Didn’t really understand it. Another was of a guy lay on the floor in a busy street in the middle of the day trying to insert a can of drink into his arse. Why people share these videos is beyond me. Bad news, innit.

(Misunderstood the thread title a bit. Mine would probably be the phantom bus shitter who’d get on the 86 bus and drop one between the Whalley pub and Upper Chorlton Road. She’s dead now, bless her).

Were you sitting patiently next to them waiting for your bus?

Pretty much, I had my headphones on and sort of pretended it wasn’t happening. This was about 4am and I was not sober.

Most shocking was probably when I was at university and some unsavoury squared up to me and pulled a Stanley knife out of his jacket. Actually felt my stomach turn and my bowels relax and remember thinking “Wow, it’s true - you can literally shit yourself when you’re scared!”


this thread is terrible!


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