What is the most UNDERRATED foodstuff


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take it to the most underrated spice girl thread

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Chickpeas. Don’t think I need to explain why.


Spam/bacon grill.

Broc is my by far favourite veg <3
Makes an absolute chump out of the comparatively flavourless cauliflower, although that is an underrated veg too.


not a huge cauliflower fan but do like it in a curry

Garlic. I’ve got in the habit of rubbing half a clove around the crust of toasted bread when having sandwiches and it’s incredible, instant garlic bread.

Most food you love would not be the same without it, a bit like onions I guess but garlic is even better.

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Broccoli is correct. Does anybody else munch on the core after chopping the trees off with scissors? Why does the core also taste so good?

Also, I think parsnips are underrated. Usually associated with either a roast dinner or being honey-glazed…but parsnips have as much right to be a food staple as carrots or peas (plus they taste better).

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This is the most correct post that has ever been made on drowned in sound dot com.

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Raw vegetables are a safe topic for me

(Disclaimer: parsnips are shit raw)

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I knew some parsniphobe would come tear into my argument…


Think he’s a mod



for breakfast i have oats and cereal (normally lidl’s cheapo shreddies) and it’s the absolute best

oats for breakfast will mean you’re not hungry for ages afterwards. also the fibre is good for you too

fuck yeah oats

Ginsters Spicy Chicken Slice
Frij milkshakes
Pepperami (hot)
Dr Pepper
Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch

Anything you can buy from any petrol station basically