What is the most unnatural thing in the world?



I’ll start us off with a curved 4k television.


Michael Gove


Ever seen any Greek Yoghurt (or any other yoghurt for that matter) that hasn’t been described as ‘Natural’ on it’s packaging?


I had some of that Skyr the other day.

Well done, you have made it really thick but not in a nice smooth, creamy way. Rank. Icelandic pricks.


I am about to enter the market for one, Lonz, are they any good, as in, unnaturally good?


On HotUKdeals they always say that they are pointless and then someone says something about viewing angles.

My uncle-in-law has a fucking huge Samsung one which is quite cool.

I would not get one.


TBH TBF the stuff over in Iceland is nicer. But maybe that’s just being on holiday. Fucking love the strawberry arla skyr though. Get through tubs of the stuff. Them little pots with fruit puree are a bit shit.


completely agree with this

fucking shit yogurt


I don’t think anyone would eat it if it was called something else and was from, I dunno, Slovakia or something


Think that’s the way I am headed too. I sit square on with the TV so the curved thing appeals but for another 150-200 bones they can do one


Made in Germany



Actually makes me want to vomit that picture.



Good, keep the profit away for those Viking shits.


Well what did you expect them to make it from? Snow?


Those new curved phones, with the screen that goes around the edge, what is the point? Is it just a novelty?


Ha :slight_smile: