What is the most versatile sauce?

  • BBQ
  • Ketchup
  • Hot Sauces
  • Mayo
  • Soy
  • Sweet Chilli
  • Other

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Gone for mayo as it is often used to make other sauces

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made this thread cos I’m having a stir fry type thing and thought fuck it I’ll put some BBQ sauce on it, and it worked!

Brown sauce

what is brown sauce meant to taste of? I can never quite figure it out


Mayo is massively underappreciated around these parts


That’s true, I could hardly appreciate it any less. Awful stuff

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Mainly tamarind and vinegar :yum:

must be the tamarind then whatever that is, thought it was kinda vinegary but a bit fruity too. I ought to like it more than I do tbh

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Very nice in a chilli, bolognese or shepherds pie.

Try it again tonight and you’ll like it this time

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tabasco, tabasco and N/A for me there

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:cry: trying stuff frightens me

Only ever had it twice. It’s fine enough, but don’t think I’d ever really pick it over a different sauce.

I don’t like hot sauce because I’m a spice wuss, but it’s got to have the most possible uses out of those

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what’s your sauce of sauces froglet?

Different sauces for different… courses I think. I’m not going to put mayo on chips but I’m not going to eat tuna with ketchup.

Think ‘hot sauce’ is a bit of a cop out answer because there are so many different ones and you can’t necessarily use them interchangeably.

pick a sauce!

pick a sauce!

pick a sauce!