What is the most you have ever weighed?



I was about 14 stone when I was an adolescent. I’m now just under 10.


Maybe 14st 5lb


bout 12 and a half stone



Probably about 11 stone? Mulled over bulking up a bit but I’m more or less a classic ectomorph so seems like too much effort.


12 stone when I was 17, running lots of cross country and had incredible thighs.
Now about 11 1/2 with scrawny legs and a magnificent back.


22 stone
Currently 18 stone
Lowest 13 stone

I will happily change body shape at a moments notice, it’s not healthy


13 stone
I worked in a patisserie!

Now I’m about 11 and happy with that. My jugs must way a fair bit of that


whatever i weigh now. got a proper 30 year old belly going on, gotta sort it out.


have absolutely no idea, maybe close to 80kg?

i’m 70ish now. lost loads of weight due to :bicyclist:


What are kg?


Earlier this year weighed in at an all time high of 13 stone 4. Slowly shedding it at the moment, with a long term aim of getting back to my adult low of 10 stone flat.


84kg you imperial fucks. 77kg now


yes, although probably my father’s genes doing this one.


Just about touched 17st earlier this year


metric system is fully permitted, that’s why bikewankers is a tag


thanks mate


25 st -> 13.5 st


13 1/2

Which is about what I weigh now but I’m not nearly as fat as I have been.

Must be these cycling thighs.

This is now the cycling thread.





incredible stuff :heart_eyes: