What is the most you've paid for a gig?

i really really wanna see McCartney at the end of the year. tempted to buy off viagogo or something, think I would stretch to 220 or so.

festivals dont count

£90. Nick Cave the other month. Was £60 but upgraded to VIP for £30. I’d not spend over £100 I don’t think.

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£190 for Nine Inch Nails at the Royal Albert Hall, panic bought the only available ticket on the day of release without realising it included an awkward hospitality package and had big buyers remorse. Turned out that the seat was incredible and it was pretty much the best show I’ve been to in about the last ten years and on reflection would happily pay that again for such an amazing night.


Other than that, for just a ticket to the gig probably Black Sabbath’s farewell show which was about £150. Again, worth it. Incredible show and atmosphere. Felt like a once in a lifetime thing, until they reform.

£75 odd for Radiohead a few times, otherwise not more than about £45

Tom Waits - £110

Springsteen probably, which was about £60 last time round. Totally worth it, obviously.


don’t think I’ve ever paid more than £30

i thought so too (joanna newsome) but i remembered i paid 45 squigs for Manics in May

£50 or so for Neil Young at the O2. Nosebleed seats and nearly all new material but still worth it.

£55, Neil Young

Springsteen - £90 @ Wembley

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Cave at the Albert Hall. 60ish I think

Was that a K-pop night?

Pet Shop Boys at Royal Opera House. £80 both times and would pay more, willingly. Fantastic shows (songs, lights, atmosphere, and the songs… their B-sided are masterworks) and if someone does a festival with PSB and Young Fathers as headliners I’d be there like a rat up a drainpipe.


About £85 for Kraftwerk in 3D

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£55 Neil Young. Would not pay above that to see anyone.

£75 for when Cream re-formed and played the Royal Albert Hall.

One thing that is apparent is you have to pay a lot of money to see bands that are past their best nowadays.

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Radiohead last year was something like €83 plus fees. and the exchange rate was awful (thanks Brexit)