What is the most you've paid for a gig?

£100 for Taylor Swift at Wembley Stadium.

i thougjt bts meant Built to Spill!

£150 x 2 for Kate Bush

Worth every penny… we were in the 2nd row and it was the best gig I’ve ever been to

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€40 to see the National from the nosebleediest of seats in a theatre in Porto years ago. Could have done it cheaper but I couldn’t afford a ticket before they sold out so had to chance it on the night and found a tout outside the venue.

Think the only band I’d pay more than £40 to see is the Spice Girls.

$83.40 to see the Pumpkins in New York back in 2008. Can’t believe I spent that at all, let alone 3 nights in a row.

I think Frank Ocean is the only artist i’ve paid more than £50 to see. £40 is usually my biting point for just saying nah but I can see that having to rise within the next 5-10 years.

Would pay £100-200 to see Tom Waits

My friend from Japan constantly tells me how lucky we are because gigs there are astronomical, probably to offset costs of touring there. Think seeing someone like Mac Demarco could easily set you back a hundo

Bought a ticket for the stones at Wembley outside the venue. Can’t remember how much. 3 of us pooled the prices of tickets bought individually, one was face value, the other two were probably £150-£200 each, so I guess about £120?

Except for Gorillaz


Mcnulty etc

I lived in Japan for a while, and don’t remember it being that expensive (was about ten years ago, mind you). The up side is that sometimes you’ll get to see acts in smaller venues than you would over here, eg saw Nine Inch Nails at Shinkiba in a venue about the size of Rock City.

My most expensive gig is probably Springsteen. I’ve seen him four times, but I drew the line at £90 for the River tour.

£90 to see The Police. At Twickenham. They were so tight. Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland were amazing to watch. It dawned on me why Sting the solo artist is so variable. He doesn’t have Summers and Copeland to call him out when he wants to indulge in free form jazz, world music and medieval lute.

Kate bush. Was over £100, not sure how much by. Soooo worth it though.

Would never ever buy through viagogo and the like.

Queen Free that’s 0 , Zero just before they broke the World. The most a quid to see last ever performance of Thin Lizzy. So what was my Job.

Cant remember but I was there.

Probably £85 for the rolling stones in 2003. It was shit cabaret, but they were better than Dylan at least.

£1 is the most you’ve ever paid for a gig?

For the longest time it was £70 to see Prince on his last tour, but I think I might have paid the same for Arcade Fire this year so I suspect it’s all about to change.

once paid over £200 to see Bjork. plus air fares. heavy.

otherwise, way back when, i paid a then bank butchering £70 to see the Strokes at the Liverpool Lomax, via an 0800 number from the back of Time Out magazine. on the day in question, i drove up from Watford, after work, to Liverpool, in order to meet a man in Blue Fiesta outside the Rocket pub, who apparently had my ticket. miraculously, he was there and he had my ticket. mad the shit you’ll do when yer young tho. top gig too.

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Around the £70 mark each for Bruce and Stevie Wonder. Both shows were definitely worth it but there are a lot of acts in that price tier I would dearly love to see, can’t afford them all, etc.

£200 from a tout for two tickets to see MGMT at Heaven as a girl I was REALLY into wanted to go but couldn’t get tickets. Didn’t tell her how much they cost. Was worth it though as we spent most of the gig kissing each other’s faces which was fine by me as I wasn’t that into the band anyway.