What is the name of your coolest named relative?

Mine is my Japanese auntie…

Michiko Wilding.

If I didn’t have Japanese family the coolest name would be really not cool. We are not a family of cool names as a rule.

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No cool names at all.

That’s an amazing surname

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But you have to choose one from the uncool ones as the coolest.

That’s the challenge.

Jesus, they’re all totally beige.

Had a distant uncle called Hermenegildo



James Stewart

I wanna be one of the best actors of all-time :frowning: Instead I’m a crappy racing car driver.

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James Stewart is/was probably my number one dream man. But if you had a cool name based on it being the same as a famous person there’d be a lot of pressure to live up to it.

My uncle is called Neil Young.


Does he live down south? If he does, you could say he’s a Southern Man

Nothing particularly exciting. One branch had the surname Wildman, which I always thought was quite cool, but none paired with exciting enough first names.


Quite the opposite, Middlesbrough.

Way to ruin a shit joke ynot

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That’s an excellent surname!


Yeah true. I can’t live up to Jimmy, no way.

Although, (and I’ve possibly written about this before) I once had a comedy-sketch of a job interview that made me realise I can’t live up to the name Jackie Stewart either.

The interviewer met me in reception and said my name was like the F1 driver, and asked if I liked F1. I said ‘no, not really, not my thing’ and I think my face gave it away that I thought it was boring nonsense.

We got up to her office and I’m not shitting you, the walls were jampacked with framed Formula 1 photos. Including one of Jackie Stewart. There was a toy car on her desk, ffs.

Didn’t get the job.


I wonder if all the candidates had other formula 1 names.

This reminds me of that time @Songs_about_ducking had a car shaped bed as an adult.


It’s probably me and my name is Colin :neutral_face:

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My grandad’s middle name was Locaby. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with this as a first name or surname.

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My late grandad was called Bertram Brown. I like the alliteration in that.

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