What is the oldest car you've sat in?

I was recently reminded of this old car, apparently bought by my great grandfather, that my uncle inherited from my great uncle 20 years ago. Fond memories of sitting in the car in my uncle’s garage as a child and pretending to drive it. I had since forgotten about it completely.

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Alternatively, share nice bits of family history here

That’s very cool.

Do you know how much it was originally bought for? I’m just wondering how 20,000 compares to its cost new if you adjusted for inflation.

No idea actually! Apparently the restoration and upkeep cost quite a lot of money in recent years though

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Blue ford escort, D reg, circa 1990


Model T Ford

A DeLorean.

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My dad overhauled one of these bad lads for free in his spare time when I was growing up because he loved the car so much

Drove me about in it a couple of times, it was very exciting.

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I didn’t sit in him because he’s only little, but I have touched Brum and he’s probably quite old. Does that count?

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Sick burn on anyone older that 30…

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This is life


Oh sorry :grimacing: it’s the yellow! It ages him!

Great work