What is the person you lost your virginity to doing today?


That can be either today, or today in a less literal sense.

I think he is studying to be a lawyer in LA. Sounds quite fancy.


I have absolutely no idea.


According to fb she works at an animal rescue centre


Or is in an animal rescue centre, HEY BOIYS?


Very little need for that


I think we’re all better than this and should draw a line under it


Your mum


dunno she deleted me off Facebook


You lost your virginity to my Da?


He was considerate and gentle.


and a fucking dynamo!



Shhh, you’ll upset ant


I quite like that picture, he looks happy to be up there which is more than you can say for most magician pricks. Still a charisma void though.


He’s thinking about the time he deflowered you


I’d guess working in the US but no idea really.


Posting pics on fb of her boring kids




Not posting about her latest Zelda speed run?


She is married with 4 kids. Lives in the same town we grew up in. My brother has been going out with her sister for a few years now!