What is the point of Rowntree's Fruit Gums

Hopping on a penny farthing to go and buy some Rowntree products for… idk a shilling

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I reckon they’d have cost at least a guinea!

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Chuckling at the image that in the 1900s when people were riding around on Penny Farthings that people were chasing after them to say ‘oi Mr, you’ve dropped your Rowntree’s Fruit Gums!’


Please sir, may I have some more Revels?

Jelly tots - 1965
Tooty frooties - 1963

Don’t like that for some reason.

Well, they got there in the end. Those are both acceptable sweeties at least.

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They’re definitely one of those products that were invented by accident while someone was trying to invent the opposite, and they ended up with loads so sold them to idiots.

Excellent take.


Do you remember when your grandfather took you to your first toffee shop?

They were very useful at Christmas because you could glue them to your foil covered crown to make gems if you were playing a wise man in the nativity play.

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I kinda liked them for the occasional challenge

Oh yeah, great advice for a bunch of people in their 30s mate. Thanks a fucking bunch.

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Weird how fudge has become a global hegemon when everyone knows that tablet is far superior

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Fudge is better than Tablet on accounts of its consistency. This is my stance.

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On 3rd January too, unbelievable.

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Fucking right. “Yeah, I’ll bear that in mind for 355 days time, thanks mate”


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Wait, 356

Although, actually its quite unlikely that any school would schedule their nativity play for actual Christmas Day

Give it a rest, mate

Do you like Love Hearts?