What is the point of Rowntree's Fruit Gums

No but I love Like Hearts!!


Really good stuff.

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Liquorice Allsorts are great. Quite stodgy so you don’t get roped into wanting the whole pack at once and no one else likes them so no one tries to steal any

If someone made a pack of those blue ones and pink ones from Liquorice Allsorts, I’d probably buy about two packs a year.

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I absolutely despise dolly mixtures! YUCK!!

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I once wrote a letter to the makers saying how disappointed I was that a pack I bought had 0 of those in

They haven’t put out any new sweets for ages now.

What did they say?

Gave me a 5 pound voucher

No, no I’m not.

I can’t tell if this is a compliment or an insult but given your mean way sI will say an insult

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For Debenhams?

Well you know what they say, it takes all sorts!

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Surprised you dont call it Debbos

Definitely the joke of a man old enough to eat allsorts

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I don’t call it anything any more! (Sadly, they have gone into administration)

I know, absolutely fucked my standard birthday/Xmas present to my mum that (Debbos voucher)

Liquorice is the worst thing on the planet, it is so diabolically rank that if someone likes it I genuinely judge them. Nasty, nasty, vicious stuff.

The best sweets are strawberry laces, then cola bottles. NOT FIZZY. I don’t want fizzy fucking lances I want normal strawberry laces.


She might like some new mugs

Congrats kermo on choosing the blandest sweet ever as your fave.

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