What is the present (birthday or Christmas only please) that you got longest ago that you still use?

Mine is a leatherman that I got from my cuz that I got when I was 18* that I still use at least every month.

*So what… eleven or maybe fourteen, if you like, years ago.

good question


Probably a frying pan from eight years ago

probs guitar

although I contributed to it so that might not count

Yeah I’m not allowing that!

Probably my sleeping bag or rucksack, I think.

And they’d be about 26 years old.

I got a Man United away shirt in 1993 that somehow still fits and I wear occasionally

wallet I got nearly 13 years ago.

Got a corduroy parka for my 18th birthday that I last wore yesterday making it 16 years, 4 months and 13 days between first and last use.

been thinking really hard about this

it might be a nutri bullet, from (i think) 5 christmasses ago

i’m taking this very seriously and searched the old boards thinking i would have posted about it around the time i got it, but i don’t appear to have done so

You are beating me and @almal100

dressing gown, 9ish years ago

might be older actually
can’t remember any of my dressing gowns prior to this one

It’s not a competition.

Do you favour towelling, that soft fleece or silk.


So you don’t want your prize?

I’ve run out of space in my trophy cabinet.

That’s a shame as the prize is a very large trophy cabinet.


Westmeath GAA jersey I got for Christmas when I was 10 (it was massive on me at the time in fairness)