What is the smoothest substance known to humankind?

Some say it’s silk, but if you get a snag then you’ve got a bump in the silk and bumps aren’t smooth

A newborn baby’s bum.

How do you measure smoothness?

Put a marble on it and see how fast it rolls off?

Carlos Santana

I always thought it was Rob Thomas’s creamy voice that took the edge off

I think you’re wrong.

I see how fast time travels across it.

  • Rob Thomas’s Creamy Voice
  • Carlos Santana’s Milky Licks

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Using what instruments?

Chronometrinoator V3.7

Have you got the release notes?

If you believe the ad-men (or Mad Men as I call them :wink: ) it would be Galaxy chocolate!

Only for the V3.6

I had genuinely never made this connection before.

You measure roughness

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Well you can outsource it if you like, I’m not the boss of you

You’re not so big

I found myself singing the old Super Sunday song ‘Here we go, here we go, this is it, this is it’ apropos of nothing yesterday.

Does this interest you?