What is the song youve heard the most...

…without ever choosing to listen to it.

Inspired by having smooth radio on at work last couple of days, its full of songs I somehow know every word to but have never played myself.

Obviously its impossibe to know for sure but i think possibly 'i wanna dance with somebody’by whitney houston or ‘it must be love’ by madness might be mine

I’ll Be There For You by the Rembrandts. In halls at uni the girl in the room next to me couldn’t sleep without a Friends DVD on. So that’s circa 16 episodes per night x 3 semesters so that’s circa 2880 times just during those nights plus all the other places I’d have heard it.


Interesting. Something that will have been on the radio/TV a lot as a kid and played on nights out as a teen/adult without me ever putting it on. Reckon Wannabe by the spice girls might be in with a shout

I Predict A Riot

The Big Bang Theory Theme Song

Happy Birthday to You

Christ Be Beside Me

I Gotta Feeling

Think this thread is going to be a good way of spotting everyone who’s worked at least one Christmas in retail or hospitality.

(Would guess mine is In Dulci Jubilo)

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Oh that’s a very good shout.

Done many pub christmasses but always been in charge of the music so escaped this. Apart from Fairytale Of New York when I ran the Irish bar, you have to play it hourly to avoid a riot.


Probably Wannabe or Bohemian Rhapsody.

Surely if you’ve ever started a chorus of happy birthday you’ve sort of chosen to listen to it.

Statistically it almost certainly isn’t, but it absolutely feels like either Handbags & Gladrags by the Stereophonics or Somethin’ Stupid by Robbie Williams/Nicole Kidman, precisely because of :arrow_down_small:

Christmas 2001 in the stockroom of a Virgin Megastore, probably heard both 6-8 times a day all through that December.


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somebody told me / mr brightside, would inevitably hear both multiple times a night as a student

I wanna say Match of the Day theme. Once a week for 10 months of the year for the entirety of my life more or less. Can’t think of anything that tops that, even counting in 6 or 7 Christmases working in retail - you don’t hear those songs the rest of the year

Mr Brightside is definitely the answer for anyone who hasn’t given Hot Fuss a spin or two. I’ve definitely listened to it out of choice though

Maybe crazy in love

Going off on a tangent because this guy chose to listen to it but I remember someone back in the days of clock radios with integrated tape decks who used to wake up to ‘Blast Off’ by the Birthday Party every morning. I wonder if he still does it, he’d be in his early 50s now so he must have heard it about 12,000 times by now.

Feels like it’s this one

Actually yeah this must be up there by now just from that advert