What is the spout in incy wincy spider

A gutter? A tap? A water pump?

incy wincy spider climbed up the what

According to the nursery rhyme book I had when I was little (which I believe is canon) it is a drainpipe.


Why you putting a spider in a canon? Monster

Recently looked into this, and I do believe it is the most common interpretation.

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A downpipe (gutters run horizontally)

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hi guys its about a magical spider that lives in a teapot


This thread is about to get beevey and I’m here for it.

The water spout. It’s a drainpipe, isn’t it?


Now you want to scald a spider with hot tea

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I feel awful.

Fucking love that little spider. Never gives up does he?


the fuck?

how often do you find a spider in a teapot?

why would this be the interpretation? why?

Is this not a more generalised fable about the plight of the spider rather than being about one, particular spider?

magic my friend pure magic

I assume he’s dead by now m8

How does the rain get in the teapot then wise guy?

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magic rain friend pure magic rain

never heard of a storm in a tea…pot?

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Hey, there’s plenty to criticise here but come on have you ever heard of a GARDEN PARTY?


Wait, so you’re saying all of this happened indoors, in your version of the story?

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