What is the strangest thing you have on your desk?


I have a mould of my partner’s teeth

What have you got on your desk?

Also a mould of your partner’s teeth.


I’m going to have to see a photograph.


A Florida Panthers foam hockey puck.



A lock of my hair that I gathered together when my hair started falling out during a stressful time at work.

(don’t worry, it soon stopped)


@moderators is there any way to ban epimer from my threads


Make the first post about wrestling or football.


A plantpot shaped like a Bulbasaur


Thank you Carmen for your respectful and interesting post


Not that strange but my bro just gave me the panini sticker book and some stickers as part of my b’day present :grinning:



You just made the list, pal.


nothing that is actually strange - it’s a toss up between:

  1. small, slightly odd shaped (empty) bottle of rakia
  2. small jar of india ink
  3. cigarillo tin that looks like it’s from the 60s or something


This fella. No idea where he came from.

Also, this fucking awesome calculator that I rescued from a bin:


Lovely stuff.


Candle with angelic Tom Waits on

Gold Tutankhamun pen is the easter egg


Thought that was an etch a sketch for a minute


My desk is pretty bare and boring but I do have this little dude sitting in my pen holder, no idea why


Where’d you get your Fred West candle?