What is the strangest thing you have on your desk?

I don’t think I have anything strange on my desk.

What a terribly boring state of affairs.

Is that a caganer? It’s not even Christmas!

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Currently have the front of a freeezer drawer. I believe that my wife put it there as a subtle hint that it needs repaired. Two weeks it’s been there.


Nice hama beads


arrest this man
he talks in maths


Got these ones too:

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We’ve got a few about from a brief interest in them at afterschool club a while back but they always got pissed about with until they broke.

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That wold make sense, the person who has this office last was from Catalonia. I’ll put it away until Christmas!

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Literally nothing strange on my desk at all. I have a dice from a game though, which was an odd one out and I haven’t got round to looking up what it is yet.

My bollocks.

A replica of a rivet used to construct the Golden Gate Bridge. Used to use it as a paperweight but it’s a very satisfying size and weight to hold so I tend to chuck it from hand to hand when I’m thinking/pretending I’m thinking.


some coasters, i guess

i’m hot desking at the moment so i don’t have a desk, but years of hot desking have meant that when i do have a desk i don’t keep anything on it other than my laptop and anything else that’s in use. the idea of having ornaments or photos on my desk is alien to me. so maybe the strangest thing is… nothing?

A wig. (Not mine.) And not due to a medical condition etc. But just because someone wanted to wear a wig but left it in the office I use. I’ve no issue with it.

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Clean desk policy in here so all I have are some photos and postcards stuck up around my desk. Here’s a photo of two of my housemates at a party many years ago.

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Agreed. I don’t laugh out loud much, but it happened.