What is the stupid thing that people make fun of you for?

I don’t make threads but @AQOS told me to

What is the stupid thing that your family (or others) make fun of you for?

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The nicknames i give the cats, like chicken

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To be fair i usually shreik it, grabbing their face like HELLO CHICKEN only to hear someone repeat it in a mocking voice :joy:


Being a miserable sod.


Oh i give my cat silly nicknames but my family don’t make fun of me for it.

My mum still goes on about a time when I was a toddler and they took me to the beach in the middle of winter when it was snowing and i ran off to try to go in the sea

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My eldest was slapping my arse when I was brushing my teeth the other and delighting in ‘it jiggles, it jiggles’.


My mum and sister make fun of me for being the classic “disorganised professor” personality of all book smarts but no common sense, but jokes on them, because it turns out they’ve actually been mocking me for years for having multiple autistic traits and an anxiety disorder.



Maybe you had to be there.

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Just to be clear it was definitely your teeth you were brushing?

I made a thing in pottery class when I was about 11 of a dwarf battling an orc. The dwarf is wielding a club, but I couldn’t get it to stay in the desired position, so it ended up in a compromised yet suggestive position. My mum keeps it in her house to this day so she can snigger about it.

I think I’m going have to draw it as this makes no sense at all currently.


Was about to post a story then added you had to be there and abandoned post because you really did have to be there

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No toothbrush has touched my penis in this millennium.

We all think this too.

My brother wet the bed til he was about 9 but we like to joke that he stopped in year 10

My brother still references the time when I was five years old and I forgot to take my pants off before putting my swimming trunks on and only noticed when I got out of the swimming pool.

Like this


Well that clears everything up.


The time I tried to pay a 60p bus fare with a £2 coin, leading the driver to loudly proclaim “are you having a laugh?” gets brought up at every family gathering. It happened when I was 12; I am now 31.


This had better be good @shrewbie after all this effort.

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Being dapper at work. Scruffy ghets with whom I work are just jealous