What is the stupid thing that people make fun of you for?

never called any of my pets by their actual names. my old cat spice was usually ‘meow’ and my old dog archie was ‘barker’ or ‘snuffles’


really wanted a pet mouse when I was around the age of 11, my mum and her family found this hilarious for some reason and at one point my auntie bought me a clockwork mouse for christmas

when i was more like 13 i went on a binge of signing up to free things online, either by filling out surveys (got a copy of the film Secretary by doing this) or just joining industry specific mailing lists by giving fake details about myself. ended up with loads of subscriptions to random magazines turning up to my house including one called ‘Farmers Monthly’ or something which kept arriving addressed to me under the title ‘Manager, Esholt Farm’. funniest thing ever if you’d ask my mum


that’s pretty funny tbf to her



have the same thing with my family, but with severe depression and an anxiety disorder. hahahah


had a high pitched voice as a kid, and my parents bought me the beegees greatest hits album for christmas when I was about 10 or 11 making light of this.


Boyfriend does this thing where he pushes an imaginary pair of glasses up and goes “well actually…” in a nerdy voice whenever I correct him about anything.

Colleagues make fun of me for being cold all the time. Was in a meeting a while ago with someone I’ve not worked with for 2 years and even he had a pop at me about it.

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That’s astoundingly cruel/hilarious.


My enormous wang.

Supporting Plymouth Argyle Football Club.


Being a ladette / not girly.
I’m really girly? It doesn’t even make sense. I wore a top with a bow on the back to work once and about 3 people came up and said “ohh that’s a bit girly for you, isn’t it?” I never even wear trousers to work!! Always skirts or dresses.
It baffles me quite a lot tbh.

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yeah Princess was Puego or Linzi

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Someone at work said “have you been eating something blue today? Your lips are blue”
No you moron this is what my lips look like in this freezing cold office, I’m not making it up, just look at me, I could be dead

Loving these tiny gifs recently.


A new level of bus driver change stinginess

This makes me feel ancient though, I feel like £2 coins are still a bit of a novelty

Mumbling.The idea that this is related to a combination of sinus-problems, low-self esteem and chronic anxiety hasn’t occurred to any of them.

nobody really mocks me for anything really

When I was at school people used to mock me for my curly hair which was very irritating. However, I have grown to love my hair and “own” the look.

I was shivering earlier. I’ve had to put my coat on.

My family are weird hetronormative dickheads so they like to make fun of me for absolutely everything. As a result I do not enjoy spending time with them.