What is the stupid thing that people make fun of you for?

nearly there

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For about 10 years: being bald. Hilarious.

Friends & family used to take the piss that I was skinny. Then they all took the piss when I put on a bit of weight. Now they take the piss that I go to the gym. It’s incredible to think I’m very self-conscious and have tremendous anxiety issues.


Having two monitors on my desk at work

dad always asks if i’m growing my hair back if i haven’t clipped it down for a few days

no mate.

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Still. You’ve got to laugh, eh.

no you do not

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Yeah can;'t really look at this without falling apart jfc

Yeah my mum is the most sympathetic, kind person - still absolutely ripped me to shreds when my voice started breaking. Imitations and everything, hard to come back from that.

friends will forever make fun of me for getting trapped in a pub toilet 5 years ago


They still mocking you over the top of the cubicle or what


Gonna be 36 in less than two weeks and they’re still doing this :woman_facepalming:



When I was young I’d regularly get in the shower or, you know, attempt to urinate in a cupboard, while asleep. I once tried to climb out of my parents 2nd floor bedroom window.

The best time, though, was the night before my wedding, when I went sleepwalking whilst staying at my brother’s. I was woken up by a random stranger in the street at 3am, whilst wearing nothing but my pants.

These incidents get bought up constantly.


This happened one of my best mates during a Joan Shelley gig a few years back. He was absolutely demented and got trapped in the cubicle in the smallest gig venue in Cork. Could hear him whinging from inside the gig. Got him out and he fell asleep in the middle of the gig then.

I still slag him about it to this day of course.

Everyone in this thread shouldn’t feel too down about these things. @profk speaks very highly of all of you.

Being a drunk probably

When I was a child I’d always lose my school lunchbox, and my Dad eventually refused to buy a replacement. So I used to take my sandwiches to school in an empty margarine tub. One day I accidentally took an actual tub of margarine to school and didn’t realise til I opened it in the dinner hall.

36 years later and my family still rinse me about it.