What is the thing that you misplace most or forget where you left it on a day to day basis?

The little microfibre cloth for my glasses. Every day almost



Mobile Telephone

Fucking everything




Scissors at work. Usually means one of the brewers has nicked them.

Work documents/emails


I’ll set it down for one second and then spend five minutes hunting down the little bastard



This. I had a brainfart at the opticians and got separate specs for reading and distance. Now am always wearing the wrong pair for what I’m doing. Should have stuck with varifocals.

television remote. more often than not it’s down in the little bit between sofa cushion seats

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Misplaced a file on the office computer and forgot to put it on my hard drive and now I have to go back in tomorrow to pick it up

For fuck’s sake

Adhd crew represent :facepunch:t2:


I went to reply to this thread anf i misplaced my phone midsentance

The kids’ toothbrushes. Usually end up having to brush their teeth wherever I can get hold of them as they run riot whilst trying to get everyone ready and out of the door in the morning, and never end up with the two toothbrushes in the same place, can only ever find one at best on the first sweep of the likely locations.

My optimism.

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Yeah, I have multiple pairs

Regular glasses
Computer glasses
Reading glasses
Reading glasses for when I’ve got contacts in

Impossible to keep track of them all - varifocals don’t really work for me

I just use my t shirt so the microfibre cloth can stay safely in my glasses case on top of the shoe cupboard.


Weirdly my microfibre cloth is one of the two things I invariably have on me (along with my supermarket pound coin). But of course a result of that is it never gets washed, which means it’s useless for cleaning my glasses. So I always end up using bog roll instead.

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The water spray we spray our youngest hair with the relieve the bed head look before he goes to school.