What is the thinnest Hula Hoop you've ever eaten?

To the nearest millimetre please (and give flavour if possible)


I once ate a salted vinegar so thin it went on to be a case study in third year Physics at a number of reputable universities.

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How many millimetres was it?

About 3

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Hmmm, thinking back, it might have been 2mm or maybe even 1mm, idk, i didn’t study Physics.

Is there anyone you could contact to ask?

About 2mm, BBQ beef flavour, earlier today.

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I dont know but when I was on primary school they did a competition where some packs had basketball shapes and you won a prize if you found one. I found a really long one in a bag and thought it waa a hoop. It wasnt

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Yes. I think you’ll find this video explains most of it

I once ate a Skip that didn’t exist.

This thread is about thin Hula Hoops

I once ate a Hula Hoop that existed only in the demonic realm.

Wow! How thin was it in millimetres?

76 I’m afraid. Really, really thick.

Really hard relationship with these, I like their flavour and am mildly amused by their shape but they make me feel ill as hell

The thin ones?

What amuses you about the shape, please?

There’s a dent/hole in them! Mainly the putting them on things like fingers and that.