What is the word for this thing please

I’m translating something and got completely stuck on this one word. So say you phone the police right, for immediate help. The person who answers your call, what would you say their job is, in one word? Like it’s not just a switchboard operator because that’s too general, but I can’t for the life of me think what it is.

999 operator?

That’s very specifically British though tbf. Looking for something more international I guess.

Emergency services operator?

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I think they’re known as ‘emergency handlers’ or something like that in the UK.

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I know this because there’s someone on my Facebook who does it for a living and literally all they post is memes about being a dispatcher and World of Warcraft.

I’d have blocked them ages ago if they weren’t giving me such good “terrible things people post on social media” fodder.


Emergency Call Handler is the official name in the U.K. I think and seems to cover it pretty clearly.

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@Epimer @anon29812515 yesss that’s the word I was thinking of! (Just got so stuck on the Norwegian word that I couldn’t think of it.)

So maybe “emergency dispatcher” when it’s used as a description in a text? Otherwise I might go with @NickDS’ suggestion just to make it super clear.

Yeah emergency call handler is pretty good too.

Thanks everyone

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Not this.

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Fucking wow

I know.

And yet it’s the firefighters and paramedics that get all the respect.


if true crime has taught me anything, the person answering the phone is not in fact the one dispatching the ambulance or whatever

Thursday is tomorrow

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I have a friend who does it for a job as well. He’s a heavy metal nerd. But we have known each other since we were zero years old - our parents were neighbours when we were born - so he stays a friend.